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ISSN : 2287-7991(Print)
ISSN : 2287-8009(Online)
Journal of the Preventive Veterinary Medicine Vol.44 No.2 pp.53-61

Cytotoxicity of natural killer cells co-cultured with γ-irradiatedor mitomycin C-treated feeder cells

Se-A Lee,Na-Yeon Gu,Siu Lee,Jienny Lee,Yoon-Hee Lee,Bang-Hun Hyun
Viral Disease Research Division, Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency, 177, Hyeoksin 8-ro, Gimcheon-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, 39660 Republic of Korea
Corresponding Author. Jienny Lee, Tel: +82-54-912-0809, Fax: +82-54-912-0812, E-mail:


Natural killer (NK) cells are innate lymphocytes that aid in the protection of the host from infectious diseases and cancer. Regulation of cytotoxicity in NK cells is mediated by inhibitory receptors that bind major histocompatibility complex class I (MHC-I) molecules on target cells. Human myelogenous leukemia K562 cells are readily attacked by NK cells, because K562 cells expressed very low levels of MHC-I molecules for inhibitory NK cell receptors. In this study, we compared the ability of γ-irradiated- or mitomycin C (MMC)-treated K562 feeder cells to support expansion and activation of canine NK cells. We isolated CD5 negative cells from canine peripheral blood mononuclear cells by immunomagnetic separation and co-cultured with γ-irradiated (100 Gy)- or MMC (20 μg/mL)-treated K562 cells in the presence of interleukin (IL)-2, IL-15 and IL-21 for 21 days. As a result, number of CD5 negative cells, co-cultured with γ-irradiated- or MMC-treated K562 cells (56.72 ± 13.77 fold or 32.99 ± 10.83 fold), was increased than those of CD5 negetive cells (2.99 ± 1.42 fold). Also, we found that gene expression markers of activated NK cells such as NKp30, NKp44, NKp46, Ly49, NKG2D, CD244, perforin, and granzyme B and production of interferon gamma were similarly upregulated in NK cells co-cultured with γ-irradiated- or MMC-treated K562 cells, respectively. Next, we observed that cytotoxicity of NK cells co-cultured with γ-irradiated K562 cells was more sensitively reacted to canine mammary carcinoma cells than those of MMC-treated K562 cells. These results revealed that γ-irradiated K562 cells are more efficient feeder cells than MMC-treated K562 cells for enhancing NK cells expansion and activation.