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ISSN : 2287-7991(Print)
ISSN : 2287-8009(Online)
Journal of the Preventive Veterinary Medicine Vol.43 No.3 pp.107-114

Characteristics of mesenchymal stem cells derived from different tissues of goat

Na-Yeon Gu,Da-Un Jeong,Jeong Su Byeon,Jae-Young Song,In-Soo Cho,Bang-Hun Hyun,Jienny Lee
Viral Disease Research Division, Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency, 177 Hyeoksin 8-ro, Gimcheon-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, 39660, Republic of Korea
Corresponding Author. Jienny Lee, Tel: +82-54-912-0809, Fax: +82-54-912-0812



Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are multipotent cells capable of replicating as undifferentiated cells, and have the potential of differentiating into mesodermal lineages. Goats are commonly used as animal models for bone tissue engineering to test the potential of stem cells for bone regeneration. Goat MSCs isolated from bone marrow (BM) or adipose tissue (AD) should be evaluated using in vitro assays, prior to their application in a tissue engineering project. In this study, we compared the stem cell properties of MSCs derived from goat AD, BM and ear skin tissue (ESK). As results, BM and ESK-MSCs exhibited a spindle-shaped morphology comparable to that of AD-MSCs. Especially, BM-MSCs could be cultured for significantly longer periods and exhibited the greatest expansion capacity, whereas AD-MSCs had the shortest culture time and lowest growth rate. Also, we compared differentiation potentials of AD, BM and ESK-MSCs into adipogenic, chondrogenic, and osteogenic lineages through specific staining and quantitative real-time RT-PCR. Collectively, we successfully isolated ESK-MSCs from goat for the first time. This study suggests that adult skin tissue of goat could be used as a source of goat MSCs. Further studies are needed to show the more information for establishment and fully characterization of goat ESK-MSCs.